Here at Lord Le Bricks we started our SEO agency in London with a simple ethos and mission statement, to help all clients big and small, to drive new and incremental sales and profits through the use of internet technologies, mobile technologies and the use of search engine optimisation and other search engine marketing and mobile marketing techniques and tools.

This ethos has served us well as we now have representatives throughout the United Kingdom.

Enough about us, how can we help you?

If you need more customers or better brand exposure or you need the your current customers to , buy more from you we believe you are in the right place.

Our services focus on the following key areas

  • Driving more visitors to your website (SEO Services)
    • Getting your website ranked higher in Google
    • Getting potential customers to click from Google to Your Website
  • Getting the customer to interact with you (SEM Services)
    • Improved on site copy
    • Improved visual look and feel for your site
    • Improved onsite conversion methods
    • Incorporating compelling messaging and calls to action on all key pages
    • Improved on site KPI measurement.

Many marketing agencies especially dedicated London SEO firms only focus on driving your website listing up in the search engine rankings. Here at Lord Le Bricks, we believe this is useless unless the work done turns in additional bottom line profit for your business.

The first stage of our process is to evaluate your current website and your business requirements to work out if any suggested work would return you a decent return on investment.  We regularly recommend clients not to use our or any other digital marketing agencies service as there would not be a decent enough return on their investment. As an example, if you were a Plumber in Blackfriars London and your average profit for a plumbing job was £100, let us also say that there were 50 searches a month for Plumbers Blackfriars and your conversion rate from lead to sale was 10%. Being in to top position on Google you are likely to get 35% of the people click on your site, with compelling onsite work you may get 50% of these to contact you, you then convert 10% of these lets look at what that looks like in real terms.

50 searches, 17.5 people visit you site, 8 (rounded up) contact you, 0.8 people would buy from you making you roughly £80 profit.  If I then tell you to rank for this term might take 12 months and cost £1000 a month you do them maths?

OK I will do it for you, £960 profit from a £12,000 investment or a 12.5-year breakeven period.  This would make no sense to us, so we would not recommend it to this plumber and if your numbers came out similar, we would not try to sell it to your business.  We make look at strategies that would have a much better ROI and recommend theses instead.

If you would like our help initially send us an email